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Payment Processing Service Made Simple

Payment processing service for businesses has become way too confusing! That’s why at Singular Payments® we took a different route. Welcome to custom flat rate payment processing. We do not tier out or charge up your statements in ANY way. Once we calculate and lock in your custom flat credit card payment processing rate you can sit back and relax. Each statement will be reliably simple, straightforward and dependable.


Our Flat Rate Payment Processing Model is Ideal for:

Dental payment processing • Veterinary credit card processing • Cosmetic dental merchant services • Cosmetic surgery credit card processing • Healthcare and/or medical payment processing • Auto mechanical service payment processing • Infertility clinic payment processing • Small business payment processing

4 Steps to Flat Fee Credit Card Processing

  1. REQUEST A QUOTE and send in your most recent 2 to 3 payment processing billing statements so we can calculate your custom flat rate.
  2. We will review your custom flat rate with you and show you the average monthly savings amount you can expect. You even get a shiny new Savings Certificate!
  3. Next, you will fill out a processing agreement (This is required by Visa and MasterCard – you can cancel anytime with a 30-day notice via our exit survey) and we submit it to underwriting which typically takes 2 days.
  4. Once approved, a new merchant account number is assigned and your new terminal is programmed and sent out. When you receive it all you have to do is plug it in. If you choose to use online credit card processing via our online portal, we will give you a quick training to show you how it works.

It’s that simple.

The Singular Guarantee

Singular Payments’ industry exclusive money-back guarantee is revolutionary because it means we take on all the risk to ensure you are saving money each month at the guaranteed rate. During the first 90-days, if you don’t save what you were promised with your nifty ‘Savings Certificate’, we will not only write you a check for the difference but we’ll fix the problem so that you receive the promised savings every month.

That’s the Singular Payments Guarantee! Other credit card processing companies don’t even come close to what we offer.

Our Custom Rate Payment Processing Includes:

  • 90-day money back guarantee on your promised savings*
  • Request a quote to see what special promotions you may qualify for (free equipment, cash toward cancellation fees, etc.)**
  • No cancellation fee or contract term– just a 30-day notice is required via our exit survey.
  • PCI compliance made simple through our recognized provider TrustWave

*Your savings guarantee is based on your custom flat rate calculation. See our FAQs to learn more about the rate calculation process.

**Unfortunately, credit card terminals don’t grow on trees so processing volume restrictions may apply. Request a Quote or call 877-829-2170 now to learn more.


Share the savings with friends, colleagues or if you’re selling your business -pass it along to the new owners. When you refer a business that starts with us…

we’ll send you a check for $100 to thank you!

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