Savings Fanatics

Singular Payments customers have no problem singing our praises after they get their first payment-processing bill.

“Singular payments… how to describe them? In one word, I would have to say AMAZING! The dental office I work at had a few credit card processing companies before we finally switched to Singular Payments. The other companies always seemed to increase our fees from underneath our nose, hoping we wouldn’t notice. There are NO hidden fees with Singular. They are upfront and honest about what we were going to be charged. Secondly, the installation is easy. They make switching the terminals a piece of cake. Thirdly, the customer service is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Most places it will take at least 1 if not 2 or more days to hear back when you need help with the terminal or something went wrong. Every time I call for support with our terminal, I receive a call the SAME day. I can’t thank anyone enough for everything they have helped with from getting started to where we are now. I would highly recommend them to anyone else!!! They truly live up to their name… Singular Payments: Simple. Flat Rate. For Real. J! They are hands down the best company I have worked with!”

– Lynn Kavan at Dentistry for Health

“We have worked with Singular Payments for a few years. During this time, we have been extremely pleased with the service and turnaround provided including quick answers to questions so that customer orders are processed quickly. We highly recommend Singular Payments as your credit card processor.”

– Bob Chavez, VP of Finance at RD ABBOTT, INC. CO.

“We have utilized Singular Payments for our merchant processing needs for over 2 years now and have been extremely satisfied. The no-nonsense pricing, the customer service team, and ease of use has made this an easy decision to continue working with this fine company.”

– Stephen G. Hirt, O.D. at Columbus Vision Associates, Inc.

“I have been using Singular Payments for my optometry practice for about two years now. Before that I used my bank and I was frustrated by all the extra charges. There was a fee for this and that in addition to the discount fee. It was so difficult to compare with other companies if I did try to get a comparison. The thing that intrigued me about Singular Payment was their flat fee. I simply take my gross charges and multiply it by my rate and that’s the fee. It’s awesome! I dropped my rate about .65% which doesn’t sound like a lot but when you have a busy practice and most of your business is done with credit cards it is a significant amount. Every month is different depending on volume but I can tell you I saved hundreds of dollars per month! My customer service representative, Joe Yeaman, seals the deal. Whenever I have a question, I call or shoot him an email and he gets me the information I need. I would highly recommend Singular Payments to anyone who wants to understand their processing fees better and save some money. It’s that simple.”

– Dr. Hartig O.D. at SouthWest Eyecare.

“Our company has been with Singular Payments for over three years and we have received excellent rates as well as customer service. I receive calls daily from other merchant providers but the rates with Singular beats them all. We save hundreds each month and I often recommend Singular Payments to other business owners.”

– Jon Herring, Owner at Atlantic Automotive.

“I have always been extremely happy with the simplicity and flat rate/no fee structure of Singular Payments. When a competitor was persistent in promising a savings despite no flat rate, I reluctantly agreed to give them a try. At the time, my favorite thing about Singular Payments was the simplicity of the statements, and my “new rep” promised me the same. I could not believe it when my first statement arrived – 4 complicated pages long with fees included, resulting in an INCREASE in COST above what we would have paid with Singular Payments. In just over 4 months, our EXTRA cost was over $1763.00!! I couldn’t run back to Singular Payments fast enough, only to discover that – after being promised there are no cancellation fees – they wanted to charge me $750 to discontinue my services! Thank goodness I was able to find my previous fantastic representative at Singular Payments to help me get back on track. I’ll never leave them again!”

– Melodie Karge, Business Manager at Southern Minnesota Periodontics