Payment Gateway API Integrations For Developers

Payfac in a Box™. Think of it like Stripe for Practice Management and Enterprise Software systems. Our Payfac in a Box™ solution delivers a full suite of API calls by transaction type in each language so developers can easily cut and paste the code segments you need.

Our easy-to-use suite of APIs is a complete commerce payments toolkit for practice management and enterprise software developers utilizing JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, C#, Android, Objective-C and cURL. Utilizing our payment gateway like Stripe, you can create integrated payment solutions that will fit your software or website’s unique specifications. We enable all major card types Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Amex as well as ACH, E-check and even Electronic Bill Pay Presentment (EBPP) through one interface! We also have a full electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) platform that allows you to pick and choose the functionality you need to build a full circle billing and collections integration. Learn more about our Singular BillPAY EBPP solution now.

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What Payfac in a Box™ means for your payments integration:

  • Easy automated batch on-boarding and contracting
  • Settlements and disbursements
  • Custom reporting and reconciliation

Get all the features and functionality of being a payfac without the risk, registration, or PCI and technical requirements. 

Check out our feature set below and request a free consultation to develop a solution architecture that works for you.

payfac in a box

Our Developer’s Portal is your all-access pass to our APIs and implementation information. Click the green ‘DEVELOPERS’ button to the right for full documentation on all calls.

Integrate Payments into Software

Hosted Payment Page

Are you looking for a simple payment page? Our easy-to-setup solution will redirect visitors to your custom secure payment page from a button on your website. This page is hosted by us and allows your customers to make payments and request an emailed receipt. Your payment page can look and feel exactly like your website for a continuous brand experience for customers.

Customize Your Integrated Payment Solution

Utilize our suite of payments APIs to power the functionality behind your own user interfaces. You maintain control of the look-and-feel within your existing software system while using Singular Payments’ to do all the heavy lifting and secure each transaction. Incorporate a variety of options and only pick and choose the pieces of the APIs you really need and want. Fill out the form below to start the conversation to create a custom integration plan that meets your requirements.

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