Merchant Services Solutions

No matter how big or small your company is, all business owners need a way to reliably and affordably accept credit card payments. At Singular Payments, we keep your options open and solutions simple so that as your merchant services provider you know exactly what you’re getting from us with one flat rate for all your payment processing needs. In addition to flat rate credit card processing, we provide the following solutions to help your business run even easier.



Discover new business opportunities that lead to growth. With Insights’ unique geo-targeting capabilities you get:

  • 360 degree business monitoring
  • Business analytics from both credit card and check/cash data
  • Customer insights
  • Social media management and automated posting
  • Online reputation protection through monitoring and the ability to respond quickly to online reviews
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention

Uncover the story behind sales in your area that will help you better market and drive new business. Insights will give you trends and benchmarks that help you track your business performance. Insights is the magnifying glass into your market.

Fast Working Capital

All businesses run into cash flow issues at some time. Are you in the market for a true business loan and not a high interest merchant cash advance? Singular Payments has partnered with small business lender OnDeck to provide fast and easy access to working capital loans and lines of credit. Each decision is based on your cash flow – not just credit scores. OnDeck understands the challenges SMB’s face so they can make instant credit decisions and provide capital in as fast as 24-hours. OnDeck is focused on improving and enhancing SMB capital access that builds credit with repayment. Apply now or learn more!

Gateway/Virtual Solutions

Singular Payments provides secure and reliable Gateway/Virtual Terminal processing solutions to make online credit card processing easy and seamless. Turn your office PC into a Virtual Point-of-Sale (VPOS) tool that allows you to process credit card payments. You’ll not only be able to process them, but also view real time reports, access transaction data, manage users (each login is protected), and much more all in a fully PCI-DSS (PCI Data Security Standard) compliant environment. With our Payment Gateway Solutions, you are also able to set up and manage “installment” payments through our automated recurring billing module. All you have to do is enter the account information once, select a schedule on which to collect the payment, and sit back, relax, and let the technology become a collection resource. Learn more about online payment processing now.

Check Processing

Check Processing

At Singular Payments we enable merchants to accept and process checks electronically in all environments. We take precautions to maintain the highest standards in the industry when it comes to being safe and secure with Singular Payments Check & ACH processing. Our check processing component is the answer for merchants that are accepting paper checks or need to electronically ACH debit a checking account.

PCI-DSS Made Easy

Merchants are required by law to comply with certain data security standards which are referred to as PCI-DSS compliance. Merchants have 30-days after enrolling with Singular Payments to update their PCI compliance and you’ll receive a packet in the mail explaining how to register with TrustWave, our recognized provider for the service. We help our merchant customers stay compliant by explaining the importance of PCI-DSS and offering you a trusted resource that will help you. The cost of the service is $99 annually and will be billed on your merchant statement. We’re committed to providing the best and least expensive solution for PCI-DSS compliance so you never have to worry about spending unnecessary money. Failure to become PCI-DSS compliant results in a $19.95 monthly fee until you update your compliance status. Learn more about PCI compliance on our FAQs page.